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                  Revit Plug-in

                Shanghai Hongwa Information Technology Co. LTD


                Shanghai Hongwa information technology Co., LTD. It is a technology company with technology innovation as the core, and also an important strategic partner of Shanghai Okeyi information technology co., LTD. They use BIM technology to make the construction process data-based, visual and intelligent, and greatly reduce the cost and cycle of BIM application through intelligent transformation and identification technology. Through the Internet model, let the technology and experience spread quickly among engineers, sharing. Hongwa technology has a technical research and development team with 10 years of experience in building software development. The team members are from well-known BIM software enterprises in China, who have rich experience in developing 3d graphics, software algorithms and Internet applications.


                Beijing GLSSOFT Co. LTD


                Beijing GLSSOFT Co., LTD. It is a BIM software company committed to promoting the development of BIM technology and focusing on providing efficient and convenient tools for users. It is a well-known BIM software service provider in China and one of the first batch of BIM software manufacturers in China. GLSSOFT fast modeling software is one of the main products of GLSSOFT. Since the first version was released in 2012, it has received warm praise from users in the industry. Up to now, about 200,000 users have been using GLSSOFT to build models. In 2015, olivine mountain software was awarded the "most favorite building BIM software award" by China BIM portal website.