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                  Revit Plug-in - Shanghai Okeyi & Shanghai Hongwa Information Technology Co., Ltd

                I、Master of Family Library


                Shanghai Okeyi and Hongwa technology co., LTD., through collecting customer needs, jointly developed the master plug-in of family library based on Revit products, so as to meet the local needs of customers in the process of using Revit software.


                1.Public platform

                Master public library, is a revit-based plug-in.The goal is to help users quickly and easily access the various "family" files needed to create a BIM model.
                1)Gather more than 10,000 public document resources jointly provided by officials and third parties from seven majors, and continue to be updated...



                2)Classify families according to the habits of domestic designers and engineers, so that the search is more convenient and clear



                3)There are not only ordinary groups, but also system groups made according to the national standard atlas



                4)Click the picture or name of the family, you can preview the parameters and details of the family, and judge the practicability of the family in advance



                5)Support editing graphic details for each tribe to make each tribe more realistic



                6)Provide permanent free personal cloud family library space, upload the family to the personal cloud family library, name, preview, details of multi-ethnic information display, easy to manage the use of personal accumulation of the family



                7)Post the uploaded group to the website with one key, and after other users purchase, the revenue will be divided into the revenue account directly



                8)Usage: individual valid registered user, free use for one year. After one year, each person pays 300 yuan per year (including tax) to authorize by authorization code


                2.Enterprise management platform
                The master enterprise edition of ethnic library can assist the BIM department or other production departments of the enterprise to manage various types of “tribes” created in the project, and accumulate them into the BIM standard database of the enterprise, so as to improve the efficiency and standardization of BIM creation. The unique encryption and permission control technology of the master library can prevent the enterprise family from losing to the network, which greatly strengthens the security of enterprise BIM data.



                1)Plug-in end + webpage end + management end. Complete enterprise family database management application system, supporting various types and sizes of BIM team applications



                2)Create departments in the management side according to the enterprise architecture, add and delete employees



                3)Authorization can be assigned on the management side, which can be assigned from two dimensions: professional and access rights. Can set whether the employee USES the permissions of browse group, load group, upload group, save group, edit group, delete group and edit category. The related operations cannot be carried out without the permission assigned



                4)You can also preview, edit and manage the corporate library by logging into the corporate library master's web page. You can do corresponding operations without opening Revit, which is more convenient and convenient



                5)Two preview pictures are automatically generated when uploading to make the management group more convenient.You can also upload custom family previews, such as real product photos



                6)Enterprise label parameters will be automatically added when uploading. And the unique multiple encryption mechanism, to ensure the use of enterprise library security



                a  unique permission control and data encryption system, enterprise standard platform
                b  data encryption: yes
                c  network acceleration: CDN acceleration technology
                d  data backup: multiple disaster recovery backup
                e  cloud space: 3T cloud space: 5T
                f  authorization number: 5 application end +1 management end authorization
                g  price: 9800 / year (tax included)
                h  quantity: 10 application terminals + 1 management terminal
                i  price: 16800 / year (tax included)
                j  If the quantity of j is more than 10 sets, it shall be confirmed by direct interview


                II. Master modeler series
                Shanghai Okeyi and Hongwa technology jointly developed a series of modeling master plug-ins based on Revit products by collecting customer requirements and modeling efficiency issues, so as to improve the efficiency of Revit modeling for customers. Master modeler as a revit-based Chinese localization rapid modeling plug-in. Through CAD transformation, decoration, secondary structure, mechanical and electrical deepening, quick marking, site layout, safety maintenance, construction deepening and other module functions, the construction, structure, mechanical and electrical, construction site model is quickly created and deepened, greatly improving the efficiency of BIM modeling.



                1.Master modeler (general)
                More practical, convenient, and efficient modeling capabilities that are constantly being updated...
                1) local 3D, box 3D, and level 3D



                2) Switch between floating axis character and background



                3) Standard layout column



                4) More auxiliary functions: bulk elevation, advanced filtering, offset alignment, etc



                5) Batch upgrade, batch link and edit link



                2. Master modeler (Architecture)
                Covering the efficient modeling capabilities of architecture and structure, and constantly updated...
                1) intelligent turning



                Structures transformation: the use of link CAD function based, column, beam structure will be imported after the Revit, use "pile into", "transformation of pile caps is" column "transformation", "beam transformation" CAD conversion function of these structures, edge layer and annotation, pick up components can realize batch conversion of artifacts



                Special-shaped column, dark column transformation: "column transformation" command can not only transform conventional column, but also can transform special-shaped column, dark column.Instead of building families one by one, the modeler will automatically generate the corresponding shape of the component based on the extracted edge layer



                Conversion of doors and Windows: after importing the building plan into Revit with the function of link CAD, use the function of "wall conversion" to extract the layer and add the wall width, then all the walls can be transformed at one time.After generating the wall, the use of "doors and Windows conversion" batch conversion of a variety of specifications of doors and Windows



                2) One-key board: after the column, beam and wall components are created, the closed area of the building plane can be formed. With the function of "one-key board", the board can be generated by selecting or clicking the range of required boards, and the structural members can be automatically deducted according to the calculation rules



                3) The key shear: in addition to the board of the rest of the deductions, such as beam and architectural wall, column and wall, etc.) can be cut by a key. When the model file is lesser when, can use box to choose shear frame model for shear; When the model file is bigger, can be used in the floor plan of the total shear shear "this layer"



                4) Hole opening with one key: after the construction and electromechanical models are completed, the collision between electromechanical pipelines and structural components of the building needs to be solved.At this point, the "one-button hole opening" function is used to set the hole opening rules, and the wall, beam and plate members that need holes are selected in the box. Then the members can be holed according to the positions of pipes, air pipes and Bridges, supporting the automatic generation of casing and merging of adjacent holes



                5) Drawing marking: with the one-key hole opening, the "hole marking" function can be used to quickly mark the hole, supporting the bottom, center and top three marking methods, providing convenience for drawing.At the same time, it also supports the "quick marking" of the wall. By selecting the wall segment in the box, the wall segment can be marked. Doors, Windows and columns can also be marked when they are interrupted



                6) Secondary structure transformation: in Revit modeling, also need to secondary structure deepening the work of building models, such as doors and Windows the lintel above the mouth of the cave, the wall at the top of the ring beam, the junction of the constructional column, etc., using the "generate the constructional column", generated "lintel", "ring beam generated" function, set the generated rules, box to choose generate range, can quickly complete the secondary structure to deepen



                7) Quick decoration: in the bidding stage of the project, the delivery time of the model is short, and further decoration is needed. In this case, "face decoration" and "room decoration" functions can be used to decorate the exterior and interior of the building.Click on the building facade or horizontal surface to quickly generate decorative surface, click on the closed area to generate room decoration, decorative components can be set manually, different rooms can also support different types of decoration.



                8) Quick generation of collecting Wells: it is supported to draw the collecting Wells according to the two drawing methods of wellhead and bottom. Each side of the collecting Wells can be set with different slopes. When multiple collecting Wells intersect, they will be automatically merged and tangent.



                3. Master modeler (MEP)
                Efficient modeling features covering HVAC, Plumbing & Piping, and Electrical, and under continuous update...
                1) spray transformation: use the link CAD function to import the fire sprinkler drawings into Revit, click the "spray transformation" function, extract the pipeline layer, sprinkler layer, label layer and select the starting point of the pipeline, then the whole spray system can be generated, and the pipeline and sprinkler automatically connect.Three types of sprinkler heads are provided: upper spray, lower spray, and upper and lower spray. Without pipe diameter labeling, the sprinkler heads can be automatically generated according to the hazard level. It also supports the customization of hazard level



                2) Transformation of pipes, air pipes and bridge frames: not only the spray system can be rapidly transformed, but also the water supply and drainage, hvac and electrical specialties have the functions of "pipe transformation", "wind tube transformation" and "bridge frame transformation", all of which can be rapidly transformed into electromechanical models through similar operations.



                3) Block conversion: in addition to pipelines, there are various kinds of lamp sockets, mechanical and electrical equipment, pipeline accessories, etc. in the electromechanical model. Such components can be transformed in batch through block conversion series of functions (lamp socket conversion, tuyere conversion, pipeline accessories conversion, mechanical and electrical equipment conversion).After clicking the function button, select the corresponding family, and then click the component block, you can realize the component batch transformation



                4) One-key turning: after the preliminary transformation of the piping system, there are still a lot of work to be done to adjust the pipe harness. When the pipelines collide with each other, some pipelines need to be turned over to cross the conflicting pipelines. Using "one-key turning", the multi-angle and multi-direction turning of pipelines can be realized as long as the turning point of pipelines is selected



                5) Pipe high: the same piping system will exist in the elevation difference pipeline, then you need to truck work of part of the pipeline, use the "line up" function, direct box choose to climb the scope of the main branch, can according to the setting up of branch pipe, and automatically formed tube, high altitude and riser pipe diameter support custom Settings.



                6) Pipeline connection: the function of "pipeline connection" can be used when some connectors need to be adjusted after the completion of the transformation of the piping system, or when connecting pipelines on different surfaces. Select the pipelines that need to be connected, click "automatic connection" and the pipelines will be connected according to the connectors configured in the piping system



                7) Pipeline deepening: in the electromechanical deepening work, it is the basic work to release the slope of the pipeline and add the insulation layer for the pipeline.Although it is not difficult to use the traditional way of operation, the pipe can only be one by one to slope and add insulation work, using the "pipe slope" and "a key to add insulation" function, can achieve the pipe batch slope and add insulation layer, reducing a lot of repetitive operations



                8) Arrange supports and hangers: after all kinds of pipelines are created, it is still necessary to arrange supports and hangers for pipelines.Different position of the pipeline arrangement, also need to make the corresponding adjustment in the form of steam-water, the use of steam-water "layout" function, as long as the selected line, can automatically generate a hanger layout preview, size, clamp position, wood can be adjusted according to need, such as cooperate with steam-water "arrangement" and "copy" steam-water function, can quickly set the starting point and spacing steam-water decorated the same kind.



                9) Pipeline section, number: mechanical and electrical pipeline in the actual construction, due to transportation, is in need of segmental, drawn when modeling so need to interrupt the long pipes and fittings, using "pipeline section" function, set the interrupt starting distance and spacing can be carried out on the line or network interrupt, will automatically generate fittings.The pipelines completed in sections can also be numbered using the "quick numbering" function to guide the site construction.



                10)Drawing and marking: when the electromechanical model is created, drawing is needed to guide the construction. The marking can be completed quickly by using the functions of “wind system marking” and “water system marking”,Select the air pipe, water pipe, tuyere, air valve and water valve that need to be marked in the box to quickly mark the pipe system



                4. Master modeler (Construction)
                Efficient modeling capabilities oriented primarily to the construction domain, and under continuous update...
                1) generate terrain and floor: when creating the construction site layout model, the first step is to generate terrain and floor.With the functions of "terrain surface" and "create floor", the shape of terrain and floor can be drawn arbitrarily, and it can be generated with one key upon completion



                2) Generated signal paths: the layout in the model need to draw, but Revit itself does not have the road map function, use the "create road function" can quickly create route generated schematic road, can use "generate intersection" function at the junction box to choose automatically generated after crossing, both roads and intersections are automatically generated route and roadside stone, also can set the road width, pavement materials and turning radius, etc



                3) Generating pit: there is no professional in Revit terrain tool, also didn‘t put slope function, so do not draw directly the function of the foundation pit and foundation pit, if you want to generate need by splitting site adjust the elevation of the form to create, use the “create a foundation pit” function, simply draw pit shape can be a key generation schematic of the foundation pit. There is also the function of "foundation pit maintenance wall". By clicking on the foundation pit, the surrounding retaining wall can be generated, which supports SWM mixing pile continuous wall and structural continuous wall



                4) Generate the proposed building and scaffolding: when creating the site layout model, sometimes it is not necessary to draw a detailed building model. In this case, "create the proposed building" function can be used to draw the peripheral contour of the building, and the proposed building can be generated according to the set height and number of floors.Using the scaffold function, click on the proposed building to generate scaffolding for the building



                5) Construction field layout: there are various construction equipment and facilities to be arranged in the field layout model. The modeling master (construction) provides five categories of parameterized construction field layout, which can be directly used by clicking the layout, and various parameters can be modified according to the needs



                6) Bricklaying: bricklaying is a time-consuming work in the deepening of construction. If no external force is used, bricks need to be arranged one by one.Using the function of "bricklaying", click on the wall that needs bricklaying, and the software will automatically arrange the bricks. It supports the setting of various specifications of bricklaying brick, plug seam brick and guide wall brick. After the completion of bricklaying, you can also click "generate drawings" to produce drawings



                7) Quick generation of steel formwork and wood formwork: quick splicing of wood formwork and steel formwork for structural column, structural wall, beam, plate and structural foundation; Support for custom template specifications; Intelligent calculation, reduce small templates



                8) Support beam transformation and generate beam axles: rapidly generate foundation pit support beams according to CAD drawings;Supports support beam transformation without dimensioning. According to the beam rapid generation beam axil support custom horizontal axil height



                5. Modeling the Master(PC)
                Mainly for prefabricated concrete BIM modeling function, and in the ongoing update...



                6. Master modeler (Interior Decoration)
                BIM modeling feature for interior decoration, and under continuous update...



                III. Product Price

                1.Master of clan library (personal edition)

                Valid registration of individual users, free use for one year, after one year, 300 yuan per person per year, with authorization code


                2.Master of clan library (enterprise edition)

                "5 application end +1 management end authorization, price: 9800/ year
                Quantity "10 application terminal +1 management terminal, price: 16800/ year
                Quantity more than 10 sets, direct interview


                3.Master modeler series

                Welcome to mail direct communication and negotiation!