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Registered APHA mare.  Granddaughter of Yellow Mount great-granddaughter of Cutter Bill  (21 time National Champion,  7 time Reserve Nat'l Champion)  1/2 sister to Annie.

Summer is broke to ride and has been used as a trail horse but needs a minor tune up.  She has been ridded a few times in the last couple of years and has mainly been used as a broodmare.  She is soo easy to load, vet, trailer, get into foal, foals without help, milks like crazy, cycles very normally, is an easy keeper.  Everyone has always loved Summer and wanted to buy her when they came out to look at other horses for sale.  This is the first time she has ever been offered for sale.  If I didn't need the money to import a mare from Spain I would not sell her.  Her American Azteca foals sell for $4-5K each.

Summer has many qualities that make her a good broodmare for breeding American Aztecas (Andalusian x APHA).  She has a short back, good shoulder, well connected neck (high set and does not have TB withers), and a rounded croup.

One characteristic I like so much about Summer is that she has only had fillies for us - 4 in a row with no colts to date.  What else could  you ask for?

See Summer's 2003 Azteca filly Alina TFA by Favorito D.  Alina was originally offered for sale in-utero but we decided the day she was born that we needed to keep her for our Azteca breeding program.

2004 filly - Beliarosa TFA is offered for sale.  She will be large and is 15h at 12 months already.  We expect her to easily make 16h.

Summer's 2005  filly Carissa TFA is a beautiful tri-color loud Tobiano foal is available for purchase.  Package options available for Summer & her foals.





Tetrack Scooter



Yellow Mount





Lady Yellow Jacket


Stage Mount






Pale Face



Pale Pepper





Socks Bar

Kickapoo Summer

APHA 00313775







Cutter Bill



Cutter Twist





Helen of Troy


Dixie Cutter









Birdwill's Dixie







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Summer 2 months

Summer 3 months

2 years old




March 2004.  1 month before foaling.

  March 2004

2003 filly's birth


2003 Filly's birth

  Alina 2003 filly

2004  filly




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e-mail us    Ph. 817-271-5889 We are in Texas (2 hours ahead of CA)


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