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Reference Horses / Historical  horses

Many are from Miguel Angel Cardenas and Yeguada Militar


Agente - sire of the famous Leviton



Alteza X (by Jenson) bred by Cardenas


Bilbaino III-

Cardenas Cobra


Clasico MAC  (grandson on Valido & Vasallo II) - Champion of Spain 2000 & 2001.


Ecuador MAC - Gold Medal (1st place) colts 3 yrs.



Educado MAC


Evento (by Leviton)


Favorito D


Favorito XXX - 1992 Champion of Spain


Femento- Yeguada Militar


Fuego XII- (by Utrerano VII - a Bohorquez main breeding stallion owned by Cardenas)

Campeon de Campeones 2005, 2003 Silver Medal in Final Copa ANCCE de Doma Clasica

Gastador VIII (by Valido) Cardenas.  Champion of Sapin in 1985 & 1991


Genil MAC (Ungido IV x Albricia) - half-brother to Heroe MAC


Genio MAC (by Hacendoso XVIII) a Jugueton V great-great-grandson.


Gento  - Yeguada Militar

Gitano MAC


Granadino XI (by Leviton)



Haciendoso IX


Heroe MAC (by Jubiloso VIII)


Ilustrado MAC

Intrusa MAC




Jenetor - Yeguada Militar



Jubiloso VIII

Jugeton V (by Valido) - Campeon de Campeones 1982





Legendario MAC (by Legendario XIX - Valido grandson)





Leopardo II - Yeguada Militar


Letargo -  Yeguada Militar





Marismeno VII



Mastil - subCampeon de la Raza 1991


Nevado III




Obcecado - Yeguada Militar


Oleaje - Yeguada Militar


Panadero VIII - sire of Invasor & Gaucho III


Recuento - Yeguada Militar


Quitasueño II


Temerario V

Tribuno IV (by Valido)


Undigo IV - Champion of Spain 1995.  1998 SICAB 1st place Morphology in Stallion's class



Utrerano VII



Valido V- Champion of Spain 1975, Campeon de Campeones 1983


Vandalo (by Rancero III by Leviton) bred by Cardenas - Braonez Medal 2 yr colts - 1991


Vasallo II - Champion of Spaion 1972, Campeon de Campeones 1978






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