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Pura Raza Espanola

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What is PRE or  Pura Raza Española?

Pura Raza Española  translates in Spanish to "Pure Spanish Race" or pure Spanish breed.  The horses are usually referred to as PRE.  The Spanish closed their studbooks from Portugal in 1912 and chose this new name to represent their bred rather than Andalusian since it gave an unfair advantage given by the old name to breeders of that region (Andalucia).  Portugal in turn closed their books to Spanish horses in 1960 and renamed their breed Lusitanos. Currently the Lusitano breed is administered worldwide by the Associacao Portuguesa De Criadores Do Puro Sangue Lusitano (APSL) in Portugal.

Many breeders in the US choose to register their horses in Spain with the Cria Caballar and in the USA with IALHA and thus refer to their horses as PRE.  A horse may be registered as S (Pure Spanish) with IALHA but is not actually a PRE unless it has a Carta from the Cria Caballar.  That is a Pure Spanish Andalusian horse raised with direct Spanish lineage that qualifies them for breeding purposes.  To be registered as a PRE horse, both parents must be registered in the Adult/Breeders book of the Cria. In order to qualify as a PRE these horses must go through inscription and revision.

Who is the Cria Caballar?

The Cria Caballar is a division of the Spanish Department of Defense that maintained the stud books for the Purebred Spanish Horse up until 2007. They also train and certify the judges for the shows in Spain. Their duties are performed on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture.

What is Inscription?

Inscription is the process whereby the Spanish require the foal to be micro-chipped and identified by markings (color swirls, etc.). This information is to be recorded for each foal, by your veterinarian, on the “Certificado de Cubricion.”
Also at this time the owner is required to furnish the DNA and parent verification for the foal. DNA and parent verification are absolutely the most important part of the inscription process. Without this information the Cria will not inscribe the foal.
After inscription the Cria examines this information and verifies the foals are of the correct lineage to qualify them as a PRE. They take the paperwork back to Spain to register in the Spanish studbook. Note: A horse cannot actually be listed as PRE breeding stock until after passing the revision process. Once this is established they issue an international passport called the Carta, their registration papers. These papers are sent to the FAB-PRE-USA office to be given to the owners.

What is Revision?

The offspring must then be Inscribed by being inspected at its mother's side as a suckling or a weanling, microchipped and DNA typed. At the age of at least 3, the Spanish Horse must pass a strict inspection to achieve breeding book status. This process is called Revision.  The process of revision involves the Cria Caballar determining whether or not mares and stallions meet different minimum confirmation requirements. When a horse passes, the Cria will mark on the inscription papers Apto or Apto (signifying that he or she passed). It’s a gender designation. Apto is for stallions and Apta is for mares.

What is a Carta?

NEW changes for 2003.  Horses will now be graded into 3 categories instead of just Apto or No Apto.  The Book of Genealogy of the Purebred Spanish Horse will now be composed of the following registries:

Birth Registry: for products of both sexes born of breeding stock that belong and meet the criteria of the Main Registry that will be detailed below.  (horses that are inscribed are put into this book)

Main Registry:  for males and females inscribed in the Birth Registry that are 3 years old.  Their inclusion in this registry gives them the aptitude as Breeding Stock in the following categories: Basic, Qualified, and Elite.  It also sets the procedure rules and the criteria which will be detailed later.

    Basic: The horses of the Registry of Births will move into the Main Registry after having met the proof of racial prototype and in the absence if the disqualifying defects seen by means of the certificate issued by authorized personnel.  (The horses of the Main Registry will be evaluated at the requests of it's owner by the commissions established for that purpose.)  (these horses will not receive a score)

    Qualified: Those horses of three or more years of age, males and females, which meet the basic requirements for reproduction, following the criteria established in paragraph 5, referring to the racial prototype or morphology, test of functionality, and examination of the reproductive apparatus and veterinary health check.  (These horses will be scored and have a vet exam.)

    Elite:  Those reproducers of seven years or more of age, male and female, that are included in the Registry of Qualified Reproducers that have been submitted to a genetic evaluation, in the plan of prototype selection, through control of the morphological, functional, and reproductive parameters of the same animals and of its descendants and its collateral relatives.

Registry of Merits: for Breeding Stock of the Main Registry that have demonstrated outstanding qualities in Function and Conformation in competitions and Halter Shows.

Click here to read the changes (in pdf form). It details the Inscription Process, and the Revision changes.

Rules for 2003 (in pdf form)  It details the Inscription Process, and the Revision changes.

Ministerial Order detailing the changes.  contains the rules for grading the horses in the Genealogical Book


FORMS for your PRE Horses that must be sent to the Cria Caballar (2008 NEW The Cria is currently not handling the studbook.  ANCCE has taken over and as of yet - no forms for the USA are available on-line as of Jan 2008.  It is supposed to be handled under this website www.lgpreancce.com   for more info - scroll below)

These reports must be filled out and received by December 1st each year at the FAB-PRE-USA office.  They will forward these forms to the Cria Caballar to be received by December 31st..

As a breeder and owner of PRE horses, you are required to fill in annual reports to the Jefatura de Cria Caballar. We have those forms for your download.

Solicitud de Codigo de Ganaderia - (Request for Breeder's Codigo) s your request to have the Cria Caballar assign you a personal breeder number. This is done once in your lifetime. * Mail this in with the Estado Inicial de Ganaderia form.

Estado Inicial de Ganaderia- (Initial Status of Your Farm) the form which lists all the horses which you own when you apply for your breeder's codigo. *Must be mailed in with your Solicitude de Codigo de Ganaderia

Asignacion de Codigo de Ganaderia - (Assignment of Breeder's Codigo) and this is filled in by the Cria Caballar when they assign you your individual breeder number.

Estado Anual de Altas de Ganaderia - (Annual Status of Active on Your Farm)  This form must be filed with the Cria Caballar by December 31 of each year. You should fill it in completely. If there is no change from the previous year, simply write under "observaciones" "Sin variacion" -- "no change". If you have had births, write "nacimiento" (birth) under "observaciones". If you purchased a horse, write "adquisicion" (acquisition) under "observaciones".

Estado Anual de Bajas de Ganaderia - (Annual Status of Horses Removed from Your Farm's Active List) Here you will list the horses as you did on the previous form, but you will note: "castrado" (gelded) or "muerto" (dead) or "venta" (sold). As the Spanish Stud Book is dedicated to those animals which are reproducers (approved stallions and mares) or on track to be approved (inscribed foals), when a horse is gelded, it will appear in the next stud book, but with the designation "baja" -- indicating that it is no longer a reproducer, or a candidate to be a reproducer. Your horse will continue to be found in the complete compendium of horses in the Spanish Stud Book (on the disk which is produced by the Cria Caballar and Melpi) and will still be credited as a product of the sire and dam. Likewise, listing the horses as dead will show that he is no longer reproducing. When you sell a horse, if you know the breeder codigo of the purchaser, you can enter "venta" followed by the codigo of the purchaser. It is, however, the responsibility of the new purchaser to list the purchased horse on their list. This form is also due December 31.

Certificado de Cubrición (Certificate of Cover)

(Stallion owners MUST DO THIS for the foals to be inscribed in the following year)
Contact Christine James at  PRE-FAB-USA  615-333-6675 and they will mail this triplicate form to you to be filled out.  This form states the dates that each mare was bred and is needed to inscribe the foals and record the stallions breedings for the year.

The WHITE COPY (1st copy) is sent to the MARE OWNER and is presented to the Comisión de Valoración in the year of birth of the foal when it is presented for inscripción.

The YELLOW COPY (2nd copy) is for the stallion owner's permanent files.

The BLUE COPY (3rd copy) is DUE in the  FAB-PRE-USA office by BY DECEMBER 31st.

These triplicate pads are available from Christine James at the FAB-PRE-USA office.


Stallions at Stud List - There is no form needed for this next report, but you are to write every year a list of the stallions and their códigos which you plan to stand at stud on your farm's letterhead. You are not required to list mares who may plan to come, just list the stallions and where they will be standing. Send this report for the December 31 deadline.

Remember, these forms are obligatory. Please get them to Christine James at the FAB-PRE-USA office so that she can send them to the Cría Caballar by December 31.



LGPREANCCE - e-mail internacional@lgancce.com

Sites and information on Revision and Inscription in Texas - April 2008


The Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse-  505-294-0800

2008 NEW  the Foundation is now offering "PRE Mundial" USA Cartas  505.323.4413, ext. 11 or 13

FAB-PRE-USA - Federation of Associations of Breeders of the P.R.E. in the United States (No longer offering Revision and Inscription Services) 615-333-6675

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