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Manzanilla LXXXV

2012 4 yrs old. Also, with her first foal at 5 days old. Joya Unica - Pearl + Cream Perla filly. Wow! How is that for a first foal. All that we could have hoped for!! 2 Blue eyes and an extremely rare color!

More pictures of Joya in May 2012 - 3 months old.

October 2011   3 yrs old


4-29-11  3 years old

June 2008 (5 months old) 


April 2010 (2 yrs 3 months)

11-1-09 (22 months old)



7-7-09 (18 months)


4-7-09 - Just moments after being unloaded from the transport trailer.  Manzanilla arrived safe and sound from Spain a little thinner than when she left but in a few weeks she will gain the weight back.


5 months old

Manzanilla LXXXV - DOB Jan 22, 08 - Beautiful RARE Buckskin PRE filly imported from Spain.  Selected for her beauty and beautiful color.  So many of the buckskins you have short fat necks and unattractive heads or don't have good movement.  Manzanilla is exceptionally beautiful.  She has a wonderful face and neck and very expressive eyes.  We will be importing her to Texas at the beginning of 2009.  We can't wait for her to get here.  Manzanilla was born on my 8th wedding anniversary.

Update 5-4-10  We have fed Manzanilla a protein supplement this spring and it has really darkened her coat.  Surprisingly - her dapples disappeared!  I am sure they will be back in the fall.  We decided to increase the protein to help the horses shed their winter coats.

Update 7-9-09  Manzanilla's color test showed her to be buckskin without grey and without chestnut.   EEAaCCrgg  She's grown quite a bit since we got her and has put on some weight.   She quickly made best friends with our other yearling filly Fascinada.  We thought her dapples might shed out with her winter coat but they are still there.  Beautiful as ever and such a nice honey buckskin color.  She just glows in the sun.  Even at the normally awkward yearling stage she still looks great!

Update 4-11-09 - She's here!!  Yeaaaa!!!  The long wait is over but well worth it.  Manzanilla is a very sweet and she fits right into the herd.  She's made friends with Fascinada who is our yearling filly by Celtica.  They're both the same age and are two of a kind - even the same size. Manzanilla was a bit thin from her 13 day trip from her farm in Spain to the USA but we should be able to get weight on her in a few weeks.  A couple of months at the most.  It was quite a long 1st trip for her.   It will probably take her a week or two to decide that this must be her new home after all of the different places she's been in the last 2 weeks (Spain to Holland to NY to OK to TX).  She's probably not quite sure this is where she belongs.  We are keeping her in the barn and letting her out in the afternoons with Fascinada to graze and stretch her legs a bit.  It's interesting that her winter coat is so light.  She is almost finished shedding except for a few patches on her sides.  It's hard to see in the photos but she has quite a golden color and her legs are a dark reddish color with some black, plus the dorsal stripe.  When her hair gets a little longer we will pull some to get her DNA color tested.  I think she will be dun or buckskin/dun.  Not a grey hair on her.

PEDIGREE - Manzanilla's dam is 75% Guardiola and is a grand-daughter of the famous Centella V.  Her sire is a son of the famous buckskin stallion Carmello II.

Manzanilla's sire - a son of Carmello II





Manzanilla's dam - a grand-daughter of the famous Centella V.  (a bit toasted from the sun)


 Some famous horses for her pedigree:


 Maramo (2 crosses)



 Bilbaino II (2 crosses)


 Centella V




 Marciano II




Gorron II