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Heroico TFA

8-28-10  4 months old

7-24-10  3 months old

5-8-10 (2 weeks old)


4-27-10  2 days old



Heroico TFA (Viviano III x Celtica DD) DOB 4-25-10 - Beautiful PRE colt by Imported PRE Stallion Viviano III from Yeguada Ayala and Reserve Champion mare Celtica DD.  Heroico was born Sunday morning about 8 am.   Heroico looks like he is 42-43" tall. Very leggy.  He is definitely the calmest and sweetest foal we have ever had.  He has a nice canter and we are waiting for him to build some muscle and size to be able to evaluate his movement at the trot.  Heroico will eventually grey although we do not see any grey on him yet.  His sire is black bay so he will carry color. His dam Celtica is homozygous chestnut under her grey so he definitely carries chestnut.  I suspect he is black/bay like his sire.

5-09-10 - Heroico's nick name should be "hot rod" or rabbit (Conejo in Spanish).  It didn't take long for Heroico to figure out that he ran run and play.   He's still super sweet and calm when you are petting him.  But, he certainly has a playful side and he loves to race around and show you how he can stop on a dime and turn and spin.  I think he must have been a cutting horse in a previous life.  He's very athletic and agile and in complete control of his body.  Something you don't usually see in new foals.  Heroico definitely is a leggy foal.  I've looked over the photos and he is at least as tall as his siblings.  He should reach 16H without a doubt.  At the moment he does not have a grey hair on him but I expect him to turn grey at some point.  I do love the right black/bay color that he is now.  He is the same color as his sire Viviano.  He definitely has some of his characteristics too.  I've spent quite some time looking over Celtica's other foal's baby pictures and I can't decide who he looks the most like.  This is our first non-Remate foal by Celtica.  He seems to resemble Gabriana and Etico the most but has Vivano's more refined features.  I am sure that Heroico is going to be an absolutely stunning stallion. 

7-24-10  We trimmed Heroico's mane and tail today.  Boy, does he look better!  He has such a beautiful face.  He takes after Viviano quite a bit although I can still see a lot of Celtica in him and the similarities to her other foals.  Heroico has really straight correct legs.  I love his personality.  He is very cool headed about new things and was a good boy for the clippers.  After a few minutes he stood and let me clip his whiskers without being tied up.  He's actually not even halter broke and today was his first introduction to the halter and lead rope.  We put a halter on for a few minutes and then let him wear the rope and play with it.  Afterwards, he was then very curious about his mother's halter and lead rope and proceeded to nibble and pull on it. He still loves to run and tear around the pasture bucking and playing and showing off.  I think he still thinks he was supposed to be a sprint horse.  He does love to take off full blast. He is on track to be over 16H.

8-28-10 Heroico is such a sweet well behaved boy.  Very easy to work with.  He's learning how to lunge already.  He's quite sunburned from the sun but he'll be getting a new darker winter coat in a few months.  I had a chance to get a glimpse of his wonderful dressage movement today.  It's been such a hot summer than I wasn't able to get a decent video of him.  It's been 100+ and humid.  But, it has finally started cool off to more normal temperatures.

          Donosa TFA                            Etico TFA                   Fascinada TFA                Gabriana TFA              

Heroico's dam - Celtica DD, 2X Reserve Champion PRE mare



Heroico's sire - Viviano III:  There are videos on Viviano's page if you click his name it will take you to his page.