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Gustazo TFA

July 2010

Gustazo leaving for FL and with his new owner Jesse.


July 2010  - A few pictures from his pre-purchase exam- SOLD



5-23-10 (12 months)




10-4-09 (4 months 3 weeks)


9-24-09 (4 months 1 week)


8-26-09  3 months




7-18-09 (2 months)




GUSTAZO TFA  ( Remate II  x Alina TFA) DOB 5-13-09 - Just the friendliest guy you've ever met.  He has quite a playful personality.   Loves to be handled.  He's very smart and interactive. 

He has really developed exceptional movement and would be a great exhibition stallion, dressage horse, breeding stallion.  I would like to sell him to someone that wants to leave him stud.  He is the only non-purebred stud colt by Remate.  He has all that "look at me" attitude.  Payments available.  Click the parent's links above to see photos and videos of the parents.

Gustazo has turned into the beauty we knew he would.  He is absolutely stunning. He has a wonderful mind and is kind, bold and inquisitive.  He loves attention and wants to please.  He is very good with new situations.  

JULY 2010 - Gustazo has been SOLD to Jesse in FL.  People were calling to buy him nearly every day.  I think 10 people called in 9 days.  It was crazy!  I know Jesse will enjoy Gustazo and she does intend to leave him stud.  When she decides to offer him we will be happy to list him on our stallion page.

Can be registered as Azteca B (75% Andalusian).



3 months old  (click to start playing)








Alina Video (Feb 07) 35 MB

Remate Video 20 MB


Sire & Dam together

Individual videos of parents:    Alina

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April 2009

April 2009

March 2008
with her foal Fiara TFA

April 2009