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Fiara TFA


July 20, 2008  (4 months old)



Sept 6, 2008  Fiara and her new owners!



3-30-08  12 days old


3-19-08  1 day old

FIARA TFA  (Heroe MAC x Alina TFA) DOB 3-18-08 - Born on St. Patrick's day.  A very beautiful and sweet tempered 3/4 Andalusian filly.  Also, can be registered as a Azteca B.  Grey filly.  Super temperament.  Nice long legs and short coupled with powerful hindquarters and nice shoulder.  This filly looks like she is built to move.  She was born on St. Patrick's day.  She has a sweet calm personality. 

Fiara gets prettier every day.  She has beautiful movement of a dressage prospect and the purebred look without the big price tag.  Can be registered as Azteca B (75% Andalusian).



Fiara 7-20-08 DSL  33 MB

Fiara 7-20-08 You Tube Video


Alina Video (Feb 07) 35 MB

Remate Video 20 MB


Sire & Dam together

Individual videos of parents:  Heroe   Alina

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