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Fascinada TFA



10-20-09 (18 months old)


11-24-08  7 months old


Sept 6, 2008    (almost 5 months)


July 20, 2008    (4 months)



Fiesta Texas May 17, 2008



May 5, 2008

Fascinada TFA (Remate II x Celtica DD) DOB 4-14-08 - Beautiful PRE filly by 3x National Champion Remate and Reserve Champion mare Celtica DD.  Full sister to Donosa TFA & Etico TFA.  This filly is going to be quite a mare when she grows up.  I think she may be the tallest Celtica filly yet.  Definitely should top out well over 16h.  She has a ton of charisma and stole my heart right away.  I was under a lot of pressure from my husband to sell this foal in-utero but I am so glad that I didn't because it would break my hear to have to give her up.  Fascinada would rather hang around me than her buddy Fiara.   It's hard to get her picture because she wants to be right next to you, following you around.  She comes when you call her name and is always talking to you with a deep throated nicker.  It's hard to leave the barn because she keeps calling you back.  She's been super easy to handle from the moment she was born.  She let the vets hold her and work on her without a complaint.  She just leans in to soak up all the "hugs" she thought she was getting. 

We're keeping Fascinada for a future broodmare and as part of our Cobra with Celtica.  She is certainly a very special filly.  The International PRE Judge at Fiesta Texas 2008 gave her the highest score at the show.  All 8's and 9's.  A rare thing that is.

Inscribed with ANCCE

Fascinada is FULL sister to Donosa TFA & Etico TFA & Gabriana TFA 

3 months old



PEDIGREE - 50% Cardenas bloodlines.  Pedigree is FULL of FAMOUS horses: 2 crosses to Leviton, 5 crosses to Bilbaino III, 2 crosses to Agente 1959,

4 crosses to Maluso 1949*, 4 crosses to Estepeno 1944, Jugueton V, 2 crosses to Vasallo II, 4 crosses to Jugular, 5 crosses to Novato.

(See the bottom of Celtica's page to see photos of relatives)


Celtica DD (Dam) - 2x Reserve Champion PRE Mare


CLICK pedigree to enlarge




Remate II (Sire) - 3x National Champion


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Last updated on Sept 6, 2008