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Excelso TFA





















10-26-08   Look at he huge bones on this guy!










7-19-07 - almost done shedding that burnt baby coat.




7-7-07 pictures pulled from video taken at dusk








Pictures 3-10-07 (1 day old)

EXCELSO TFA - (Remate II X Coliza II) - DOB: March 9th.  Very sweet colt.  He likes attention and seems to have a calm personality. 

Inscribed with ANCCE



Excelso is getting big.  He's 2 yrs old now and nearly as tall as Etico who is almost 16h.  I haven't measured him with a stick but he is between 15.2 and 15.3h.  See photo comparison - size photo.Excelso is a sweet boy.  Every morning when I put out his breakfast he pauses at the fence and wants me to pet his face for a second before he'll go eat.   Today I had to take his buddy Etico to the vet for travel papers and when I got back I found him way in the back of the pasture hanging out with the neighbor's mares.  He just wanted someone to hang out with.  Our pasture is pretty big - about 4 acres and lots of trees so he didn't notice that I had brought Etico home.  It took a while but finally Etico called out and he heard him and came running up to the front pasture to play and horse around a few minutes with him.  He sure will miss Etico after Friday when the transport comapny picks Etico up to take him to CA to his new home.   While he was hanging out in the back I took some photos of him and managed to get some pretty good ones.  He has so much movement and has been growing so much that he hasn't quite figured out how to use his new bigger body.  So, he manages to be quite akward half the time.  It seems like he is doing better than in February when I tried to get photos the last time.  I think that Excelso is going to be very beautiful but a late bloomer.  He still thinks he's a baby most of the time and does not have any stallion behaviors at all.  I am pelased with how mcuh bone he has and his extension and lift.  Shen he finally greys out and looses that mealy brown nuzzle he will be quite striking.  Especially once he gets his stallion neck.

10-28-08  We currently have Excelso for sale - as much as I hate to think about parting with him.  He was one of my favorites and looks like a cookie cutter cut out of his mother Coliza.  He has her movement, top line, kind personality and everything.  Excelso has big joints and bones.  He's doing a good job keeping up with his brother Etico who looks like he'll be 17h.  I think Excelso will be 16-16.1h.  He has lots of flash.  He's one of those typical Andalusian babies that will not get his beautiful stallion neck until he is 3-4 years old.  Just take a look at both parents and you can see that he will be an outstanding stallion prospect in the future.  He is already filling out and showing his beauty.  Excelso had a TON of movement, lots of knee action and lift but also has suspension and extension.  He does not have the "sewing machine" all upwards movement.  He has the impulsion to go with it and plenty of "Flash".  He's going to be a cool horse.  I have not gotten him tested but he definitely carries color.  His mother was black bay ( bay but carries black and chestnut).  I think he would test the same.  So, just a 50% chance of passing on the grey color.  I knew that the Remate/Coliza cross would be an excellent one.   I hate to sell Excelso but I have had to go back to work full time and with my little boy starting first grade I don't have time for 15 horses any more.  So, I am selling my boys.  I would like to retain a few breedings for my breeding program.

12-4-07 Excelso's mother Coliza died from colic in October 2007 so we can not part with Excelso.  He is a mirror image of Coliza and we are going to keep him for our breeding program now since we did not have any fillies by Coliza. He has Coliza's exact conformation and movement.   He is a cookie-cutter image of her.  If you would like to see Coliza's video - please go to her page.

This colt has Remate's gorgeous neck and WOW can he move!  All of Coliza's knee lift and flare and Remate's drive and Impulsion.     Cardenas and Maipe lines.  Sweet, friendly personality.  Very mild mannered.

9-17-07  Finally!  I got some decent pictures and video.  Excelso had such a long mane and tail that I hated to cut it off.  That is the best thing I ever did though.  He looks so much better now that you do not have fuzzy sun-burnt baby hair and can see his beautiful face and neck now.  A friend of mine said it best.  This guy has lots of "tude"!  He'll make a great show horse for someone.  He's going to be something when he grows up.  Sweet and friendly but with that flashy fire and the "want to" show off that will make him a great show prospect.  He's just getting prettier and better as time goes on so he'll make an impressive stallion when he grows up.  He's bay going grey.  His mother carries black and Excelso probably does too.  He's heterozygous so will be able to pass on color.


VIDEO (RIGHT CLICK and select Save Target as and then play from your computer)


NEW VIDEO February 2009 (2 yrs old)





May 2008 for DSL   33 MB

May 2008 YOUTUBE for dial-up


Excelso - March 2008 YOUTUBE 



Excelso Sept 2007   50 MB 

Excelso Sept 2007  9 MB  

Excelso Sept 2007 YOUTUBE


EXCELSO TFA 7-7-07    58 MB 

EXCELSO TFA 7-7-07 Medium sized 13 MB  (Same video as above but lower quality and file size)

Excelso 7-7-07 Dial-Up (dial-up)





REMATE (Excelso's sire)

Remate II - Dial-up 3.6 MB

Remate II - DSL 26 MB



COLIZA (Excelso's dam)

Coliza 9-30-05 19 MB

Coliza 9-30-05 Dial-up 3 MB





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