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Donosa TFA





8/30/09 - Donosa is looking more and more like her dam Celtica every day.  (Although a bit fat from being in with the yearling fillies!)






November 2007






May 2008 - Fiesta Texas (pictures pulled from video)





Fiesta Texas 2007 - Best Movement PRE Fillies - yearling (Seccisn 1)






10-2-06  8 months old



4-22-06 (2 months old)



3-25-06 (1 month old)




Donosa TFA (Remate II x Celtica DD) DOB 2-21-06 -  pictures say a lot.   She took a nap with 4 very noise and rambunctious 4 to 8 year olds in her stall petting her and running back and forth.  As you can see Donosa has an amazing temperament of calm collection.  She loves attention and not much gets her stirred up.  She is always calm and friendly to everyone.  She can really move too and has her mother's size.


12-4-07 We had Donosa for sale for a while but after the last photo shoot we just can not part with her.  She is going to be a striking beauty like her mother and she has gold medal movement. Lots of flash and LOOK AT ME!  Donosa is very proportional and has a great temperament.  She has the calmest most laid back personality on the ground but when she is moving she is all flash!  Basically, everything you would want in a future broodmare or show mare.


3-24-07 - Donosa is turning into a beauty.  She has perfectly straight dressage movement.  She has such a laid back personality and is extremely easy going.  She let me body clip her at the SWALHC show while she was taking a nap.  She was only 2 months at the time and had never seen a set of clipper before.  Then this weekend she calmly let me body clip her again including her face and ears.  Truly one of a kind.


Inscribed with ANCCE


Celtica & Donosa at 1 year old.

Celtica has turned out to be a stunning mare.  Everyone always assumes that she is one of my imports from Spain.  Donosa is even prettier and more balanced looking as a yearling than Celtica was and we expect her to be at least as stunning as her mother - if not more.




2007 Fiesta Texas:  Judge:  Florencio Moreno-Moreno (Plaza de Armas)

  •  Best Movement Medal - (Seccisn 1) Yearling Fillies


2006 - Corazon de Texas: Judge:  Salvador Zunzunegui Costa (Yeguada Militar)

  • 1st Place PRE Fillies - Sucklings and Weanlings



Video of Donosa



NEWFiesta Texas 2008 - YouTube


NEW Nov 2007  2 yrs old - for DSL   75 MB

NEW Nov 2007  2 yrs old - medium size video  13 MB



March 2007 1 yr old. 12 MB

March 2007 - LG  Longer video43 MB


March 2007 1 yr old. 12 MB

March 2007 - LG  Longer video43 MB


1 Day Old  39 MB

1 Day Old - dial-up 4 MB


2 Hours Old 17 MB

2  Hours Old dial-up 1.7 MB



REMATE (Donosa's sire)

Remate II - Dial-up 3.6 MB

Remate II - DSL 26 MB




PEDIGREE - 50% Cardenas bloodlines.  Pedigree is FULL of FAMOUS horses: 2 crosses to Leviton, 5 crosses to Bilbaino III, 2 crosses to Agente 1959,

4 crosses to Maluso 1949*, 4 crosses to Estepeno 1944, Jugueton V, 2 crosses to Vasallo II, 4 crosses to Jugular, 5 crosses to Novato.

(See the bottom of Celtica's page to see photos of relatives)


Donosa is FULL Sister to: is FULL sister to Etico TFA & Fascinada TFA & Gabriana TFA 


Celtica DD (Dam) - 2x Reserve Champion PRE mare


CLICK pedigree to enlarge




Remate II (Sire) - 3x National Champion


CLICK pedigree to enlarge




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