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Diego TFA












5-31-09  I tooke Diego out at noon when it was a bit hot.  I just wanted to update his conformation shots.  These don't accurately represent his movement.




December 2008 - He's really starting to look a lot like his sire Habanero.


11-16-08    2 1/2 yrs





Diego 10-6-08


Diego's Parents (below) - you can definitely see the resemblance and how beautiful he will be in another year or 2.

               (Coliza II        x          Habanero XLI)




Diego can FLY!  He is about a foot off the ground in the photos above.  He's very fluid and just floats through the air. Video.


February 2008 Finally!  New pictures!!  2 yrs old now.




Diego - a few hours old                       4-9-06                                           4-9-06                                       4-8-06








May 2006  SWALHC show


10-2-06  Shedding into his winter coat.  More photos to come later.


8-07  Not very good photos - I will try again soon.


Diego TFA (Habanero XLI x Coliza II) DOB 3/27/06 - Coliza had a gorgeous black colt for us.  I am so excited - it is what I was hoping for!  An imported black stallion!  Diego was sort of an unusual color when he was born so I could not wait and sent in some hairs to UC Davis to be tested.  He is Eeaa (black and carries chestnut).  Diego can really move and has the most beautiful face I have ever seen on a foal before.  We thought Leo was special - but move over  - Leo is going to have some serious competition here!  We can't wait to see Diego grow up.

Diego has such a sweet personality and a gorgeous face that pictures hardly do him justice at all.  There is something about him that just draws you in and makes you love him.  He is such a little character - I love spending time with him every day.

10-28-08 Diego is currently for sale - as is all of our colts.  We hate to sell them but I have had to become more involved with our family business and don't have enough time to dedicate to so many horses (had 15 in June).  Diego's sire Habanero is Qualified (Calificado) and his mother was imported from Spain.  Diego was imported In-Utero.  I would like to retain a few breeding for our mares.  He carries black and Chestnut.  In October we sent Diego (and our other colts) to our Trainer Eddie Rodriguez for some natural horsemanship training.  Diego was one of his favorite colts to work with.  He said he had a very good mind and was easy to work with.  He has a calm easy going attitude - yet still has that flash about him.  He has fantastic movement!  See his videos on our Youtube Page.

Inscribed with ANCCE

BLACK (Eeaa) carries Chestnut.  Tested at UC Davis.



NEW Diego Dec 2008

NEW Diego - Dec & Oct 2008


Diego February 2008 DSL 40 MB

Diego February 2008  slower connections10 MB

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Diego's sire Habanero XLI - is "Qualified" (Calificado) and has passed the second stage revision.  He is now eligible to be presented for Elite status if his owners wish.  He has 50% Yeguada Militar and 50% Arpa lines (Explotaciones Agropecurais,SA)

Diego's dam - Coliza II is an amazing mare that we just imported in September 2005.  We are proud to own Coliza.  She exceeded our expectations in beauty and movement.   Diego was her first foal and we expect her to be our key Foundation mare.


Coliza II




Habanero XLI "Qualified" status (Calificado) - passed the second stage revision in Spain.  Now eligible for Elite status qualification.






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Last updated on Sept 6, 2008