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Dezano TFA



11-16-08  (Click photos to enlarge)





12-3-07 (Dezano and his mother Faborita)





- our Halloween get together.

10-26-06 (shedding).  Dezano is such a people lover and curious, friendly colt.


Dezano TFA - DOB 7/13/06 EeAa (bay - carries black and chestnut)- SOLD to Griffin Ranch  Dezano is our imported colt from our imported mare Faborita.  Dezano's mother Faborita (Faborita's sire is in the LIMPRE book of merits) has very fluid movement with a lot of suspension and his sire Torero XI is a many time dressage, functionality and morphology champion bred by the famous J.L. Escalera farm in Spain.  Faborita's father is in the LIMPRE book of merits.  It was a long expensive process (and a lot of headaches) to get Faborita bred to our stallion of choice but it was well worth the time and expense.  I think it is one of the best things I have done as a breeder.  We are delighted with the quality of this colt and his movement at even such a young age.

Inscribed with ANCCE

Dezano was born a surprising 3 weeks early while I was still in Spain.  We weren't expecting him so soon but he is healthy and big.  Due to the terribly hot summer (105-109 degree temperatures) we have had this year in Texas we left him at the vet's office in a cooled stall until he was 3 weeks before taking him home.  Even though we were only able to go once or twice a week to visit him -  Dezano is the friendliest baby we've had.  He loves attention so much that he just does not know what to do with himself when you are petting him.  He can't get enough of it, can't wait for more and is so happy to see you or come over to  you.  Dezano just has that "look at me - I'm so cute" quality about him and he is so adorable that it is impossible not to fall in love with him.  He has the cutest, quirky habit of sticking his tongue out the side of his mouth (like a little kid concentrating on something) and then rubbing his tongue on whatever new thing he is investigating.

I haven't quite captured it on camera but this little guy can really move.  We can't wait for him to grow up a little more and show us what he is all about.

Dezano's sire Torero XI is a famous stallion in Spain.  He is Qualified (Calificado) and many time Champion of the Race, Champion of Movements, Champion of Functionality.  Faborita's sire Lucero VIII and grandsire Gorron II  are in the LIMPRE book of merits - which I am sure that if Torero is not already in there - he will be.


NEW  Dezano Nov 2008

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10-28-08 - We have Dezano for sale.  He would be a great Ladie's horse and does not have stallion habits.  He has a TON of bone.  It is hard to see in the photos but is definitely one of the first things you notice about him in person.  As always, Dezano has an exceptional personality and so so friendly and easy to train, wants to please you and do anything you ask of him.  He takes everything new in stride with a cool attitude.  Dezano would be great as a Ladie's horse or a dressage horse, etc.  Our trainer Eddie liked him best of all of the colts (4) that I took to him this year.  He was the most easy going and easiest to teach, most focused, etc.    He'd make a great partner for anyone.  One of a kind.  He was imported In-Utero and his mother was imported from Spain and his father Torero Xi is a Qualified (Calificado) many, many time champion of Functionality, Dressage, and Morphology in Spain.  Torero XI was bred by the famous  J.L. Escalera stud farm.  Dezano is a strong boy and could carry any sized rider.  Eddie actually said that he thought we could put him into training now  - that he was ready mentally and physically.

12-4-07 - Originally, I was going to keep Dezano for breeding but I have way too many boys at my place right now (5 at the farm plus one in training).  I had planned on selling Dezano at 3 yrs but he may be purchased now.   Dezano is destined to be a dressage star.  Lots of suspension and very straight movement. Dezano will make a best friend for someone. He really wants to be right next to you and is very curious and attentive.  He was that way from the second he was born.  He just wanted nothing more than to be with people, be loved on, go everywhere with you.   I've had plenty of friendly babies but I've never seen anything like it before.  He was born 3 weeks early due to the 110-112 degree temperatures that we were having that summer.  Even though he was pre-mature and sleeping a lot he would get right up when he saw me.  He was always sooo excited to see me.  I was only able to go see him once or twice a week but he always knew it was me and he was so excited - like a puppy when you go to see them.  He wanted you to scratch him really hard and would just wiggle around and lean on you for more.   He wanted to play and would try to get in your lap.  He was pretty hilarious!  He couldn't have been more expressive about it.  He was so cute.  Usually, foals are not nearly that friendly when they are left several days without attention.  I didn't have enough time to spend at the vet's office to imprint him but somehow he seemed to be imprinted after just a few minutes anyway.  Due to the extreme temperature we left them at the vet's swamp-cooler cooled stalls for 3 weeks.  I was so afraid that he would get dehydrated if left out in the 110 degree + temperatures at home.  I was only able to spend about a hour to 1 1/2 hours a week with him but you would think I had spent every minute of every day with him from they way he acted.  He's still extremely friendly.

8-21-06 - just got the test results form UC Davis.  We sent in some hairs after some scuff marks on Dezano's body appeared to come in with black hairs - a tell-tale sign that your bay may carry black too.  We are delighted to say that Dezano carries black and chestnut,  He's black/bay - our favorite color.  Everyone wants black these days so it will be nice to have stallions that can throw black or chestnut but our favorite color is black/bay so we could not be happier.  That makes all of our non-grey horses to-date black/bays (Coliza EeAa, Faborita EEAa, Basilio EeAa, Dezano EeAa) except for our black colt Diego Eeaa (can't complain about that!).

1-10-07  Dezano has stolen my heart.  He is my little buddy that is always at my side out in the pasture.  He likes to walk with me shoulder to shoulder and prefers to eat with me - if I'll let him.  I don't know what could be so great about the crumbs in the bucket but he is always there to see what I might have.  He's had the most amazingly friendly personality since he was born - even at 3 weeks early he was like that.  He has such a character that I could not part with him even though people have been trying to buy him.   He should make an incredible stallion with his looks, personality and movement.

8-28-07  As is typical of the Escalera lines Dezano looks like an Escalera colt.  He'll fill in between 4-5 yrs old and get that magnificent stallion neck.  Huge bones on this guy.  He is a really good size for his age.


(Torero XI x Faborita)

  Torero XI - MANY MANY time champion of Spain and Functionality.

Torero XI's show record:

1999 Equus Catalonia Seccion 6 - Gold Medal
1999 SICAB - Seccion 6 - Silver Medal & Best Movement of Show
2000 Equus Oviedo Seccion 8 - Silver Medal
2000 Ecumad Seccion 8 - Silver Medal & Champion of Functionaliy
2000 Dolores (ECUMAD) - Seccion 8 - Gold Medal & Champion of Race & Champion of Functionality
2000 Marbella Compeonato Andalucia - Champion of Functionality * Rsv. Champion of Race
2001 Dolores (ECUMAD) - Champion of Race
2001 Torrepacheco - Seccion 8 - Silver Medal & Champion of Functionality
2001 Dolores - Seccion 8 - Gold Medal & Champion of Functionality & Champion of Race
2001 Marbella Compeonato Andalucia - Seccion 8 - Gold Medal
2001 Salamanca - Seccion 8 - Gold Medal & Champion of Race
2001 SICAB 5th place Seccion 8 - 6th place out of
2002 Vilanova Seccion 8 - Gold Medal & Best Movement & Champion of Functionality & Resv. Champion of Race
2002 Marabella Seccion 10 - Gold Medal & Best Movement & Champion of Functionality
2002 Campeonato de Espaqa de Caballos de Pura Raza Espaqola (Albacete, Dec 2002) - Champion of Functionality & Rsv. Champion of Race
2003 Equisur Seccion 10 - Best Movement
2003 Feria del Caballo de Piedrahmta - Champion of Race & Champion of Functionality
2003 Equs Catalonia - 1st place Kur Intermedia 1 Dressage
2003 SICAB 5th place Seccion 8 - 5th place out of
2004 Betera - Valencia - - 1st place Kur Intermedia 1 Dressage
2004 Dolores Seccion 12 Silver Medal & Best Movement
2005 Equisur Seccion 12 - Gold Medal & Best Movement
2005 Fira del Cavall (Sabadell) - Champion of Functionality
2007 CDN Avila - 2nd place GP Dressage
2007 SICAB 2nd Place GP Dressage



Torero XI                                                                                Faborita




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