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Decado TFA






5-12-07 (7 months)




10-5-06  - 3 days old



 Leo (sire)           &    Decado at a few hours old.                     Decado          &            Leo (Basilio)


10-2-06 - 2 hours old. 


 Decado TFA - DOB 10-2-06  (Basilio TFA x Kickapoo Summer )Gorgeous Medicine Hat half-Andalusian colt.   Decado looks like a Twinky for his sire Leo but with paint markings. It will be fun to see Leo's first foal grow up! Very flashy markings.  All of Summer's previous foals have been nice movers so we expect no less from this adorable little guy.  The vet told us that Summer was due in January so we were a little surprised to see her bag up in September.  We were starting to wonder if she was having twins by the way her stomach was so huge.  So, we are glad we have a healthy, beautiful colt.  Her first after 4 fillies in a row.  We weren't sure we'd ever get a colt - but here he is!  A super flashy looking one too!  He has 2 beautiful blue eyes like his mother.  The skin around his eyes is already turning black - so he'll have pretty eyes like his mother.  Decado can also be registered with the Pinot Assoc. & American Azteca Assoc as an Azteca D.

10-5-06  3 days old.  Decado went to the vet to have a little help nursing.  He was a pro by the afternoon but with this hot summer lingering into October we decided to send him to the vet to make sure he did not get dehydrated.  He had elastic tape around his neck where his IV was.  When they took out the IV, they had glued it in to be sure he would not romp around and pull it loose - so he is missing a little bit of hair there now.  It'll grow right back in no time.

9-16-07 Decado had never had a bath before.  He got one this weekend and was such a trooper about it.  He stood quietly after the first 3 seconds when he was a bit surprised by the water.  He waited patiently while I soaped and scrubbed him off.  He even decided that all that rubbing felt great.  I was really proud of him since he has not been handled much this summer.  He nickered for his friends a few times but never even pawed once.

2-8-08 New video will be posted on Youtube (click link to see our list of videos on YouTube.) after this weekend.  Decado is a really good size for his age.  He is every bit as big as the 2 year olds and Decado is just 16 months old.  We think he should easily make 16h.  Long and leggy but still short coupled.  Decado has a nice long neck and very pretty face.  I think he would look very Spanish if he did not have the spots.


Decado TFA 10-28-06 1 month old  19 MB for DSL

 *NEW  YOUTUBE  VIDEO  PAGE on OUR website   (Watch Excelso's video.  There is a short clip of Decado at the beginning.)

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