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10-1-05 (above)  click to enlarge photos

COLIZA II - Imported in September 2005 from Spain.     She's an amazing mare that has exceeded our expectations in beauty and movement.  She is one of our key foundation broodmares.  We are proud to own Coliza.  She already had a waiting list for future foals before she left Spain.  Coliza has very typical Spanish conformation and movement with a lot of flash and forward movement. See video below. Revised with ANCCE

Bay - carries Black & Chestnut  (EeAe)

11-8-07 - A terrible tragedy happened the first week of October 2007.  We lost our prized mare to colic - nightmare come true.   We have retained her 2 colts Diego TFA (2006) and Excelso TFA (2007) for breeding stallions.  Excelso is a carbon copy of Coliza with her exact conformation and movement - a perfect cookie-cutter image of her.  Diego has FANTASTIC dressage movement.  See them on the  *NEW  YOUTUBE  VIDEO  PAGE .


10-5-05     OMG!!  Is all I can say!!  I finally had a chance to see Coliza move (in person) last Saturday when I went to visit her in quarantine.  W-O-W!! See her newest video.   I would absolutely love to order up 2 more full sisters to Coliza to make a cobra.  Man!  Can this girl move!  She takes my breath away and has such presence that I have never seen in a mare before.  She looks pretty in the pictures but they truly do not do her justice at all.  Coliza has everything.  Tons of class, elegance, wonderful personality, the perfect top line and huge movement.  She is truly a dream come true!  It has been a loooong wait for her to be bred in Spain and finally be shipped here, 10 months in all since I bought her, and very worth the wait.  I just can not wait until 2006 to see this new baby too!  What a long winter this will be!  It is going to be so hard to ever put any of her babies up for sale.  Eventually we will.  People have been e-mailing about them since the moment we bought her in December 2004.

Photos from the quarantine release in NY (below). Coliza has the sweetest personality and is a true love bug!  She adores anyone who will love and scratch on her.  Immediately she bonded with me in the trailer on the way home from New York.  Everyone remarks what a fabulous personality she has.

Photos from arrival in Oklahoma at Nedpoint QH for the CEM quarantine where she will be exercised on their aqua-tread system to prepare her for Nationals while she waits for the 14 day quarantine.

 3-27-06 - Coliza had a gorgeous black colt for us.  I am so excited - it is what I was hoping for!  An imported black stallion!  Diego was sort of an unusual color when he was born so I could not wait and sent in some hairs to UC Davis to be tested.  He is Eeaa (black and carries chestnut).  Diego can really move and has the most beautiful face I have ever seen on a foal before.  Diego has amazing movement that I have not captured with my camera yet.  You just stop and watch and can't take your eyes off of him.


2006 foal - Diego TFA (by qualified (calificado) Habanero XLI)


Diego - a few hours old                       4-8-06                                                                 4-12-06                                           4-12-06



                4-22-06                                           4-22-06                                   4-22-06                                             4-22-06 



2007 COLT EXCELSO TFA (Coliza II X Remate II) (3 time National Champion)

pictured at 1 day old





Video of Coliza in CEM quarantine. 19 MB (for DSL only) Right click the link and select "SAVE TARGET AS" and then play from your computer.

Dial-up video (3 MB) RIGHT click this link and select "SAVE TARGET AS" and then play from your computer.


  Coliza 1 (pictured as a 2 year old in 2004)




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