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Celtica DD



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Celtica DD (Keberes D x Heroe MAC)  DOB: 4-25-02 REVISED (ANCCE) PRE mare 16.1h

Celtica is our first PRE foundation mare.  She's a striking beauty with an iridescent coat that just shimmers.  At 5 yrs old she finally lost the last of her dapples and then took on this iridescent glowing coat.  Celtica looks like she just stepped of the plane from Spain or the sort of mare you expect to find at SICAB.    At the shows everyone wants to know what farm in Spain she came from because they know I import horses.  Celtica's father was imported from Spain from Yeguada Cardenas.  

Celtica has already proved her value as a top quality broodmare. Her 2006 filly  Donosa TFA won the best movement medal in her class at Fiesta Texas. The colt Etico TFA from this year looks as though he will mature around 16.3-17h with the biggest  over-stride I have ever seen in a horse.  He's already over 14h at 6 months old and almost as tall as his big sister from last year.  

Celtica has natural collection, extension, and a lot of drive from behind and a free moving shoulder which she passes on to her foals.   She has produced two outstanding foals for us to date - and.   She was 15 H at 12 months, 15.3 at 24 months and is now 16.1h.    We thought she had stopped growing around 2 1/2 yrs old but then between 4 & 5 yrs she grew an inch and a half.

We selected Celtica for her bloodlines (which originate on the Cardenas stud farm in Spain), her size, and her beauty.  She has a strong blend of Leviton and Vasallo II genes that are very successful in the dressage arena.    These 2 lines are the most successful stallion lines in the Pure Spanish history and have produced the more champions than any other Pure Spanish stallions ever.  We look forward to Celtica's future foals that are sure to be dressage champions.

5/28/09  Celtica had such a beautiful filly this year - Gabriana.  Almost a twin of Fascianda that was born last year.  They are full sisters so  now we have our cobra!  At last!!  After 7 years of waiting since we bought Celtica at 5 months old - we have always looked forward to the day that we could show her with 2 of her daughters in a cobra.  Her filly this year is exceptionally large!  I can't wait for Fascinada and Gabriana to grow up.   I am sure they will both be as tall as their mother.  We are very pleased with the quality of her foals and the consistency.

4-20-07  We are very pleased with Celtica as a broodmare.  She is a very typey mare of huge stature.  All of her foals have been exceptionally kind and sweet tempered - and with excellent movement.  We decided to keep both of them.  Etico looks to be breeding stallion quality which is a rare thing indeed.    Most people assume that she is one of my imported horses.  She is definitely one of a kind and we are pleased that to have this exceptional mare.  At shows we always get offers to buy her - but she would be much too difficult to replace so we are keeping her.

Her pedigree includes: 2 crosses to Leviton, 2 crosses to Bilbaino III, 2 crosses to Agente 1959,  2 crosses to Maluso 1949*, 2 crosses to Estepeno 1944.

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                         Donosa TFA                                     Etico TFA                                   Fascinada TFA                             Gabriana TFA               Heroico TFA