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Basilio TFA


Basilio TFA- (a.k.a. "Leo")  Basilio means NOBLE in Spanish - the same is his dam's name Nobleza.




August 30, 2008




June 2008 - 30 days of dressage training.


Dec 2007  (photos taken in the late evening Texas sun so Leo looks more orange than normal)




August 29, 2007


June 30, 2007 (in training)



June 15, 2007 - Revision




October 2005 (18 months old) - at Eddies the weekend before Nationals and then at IALHA Nationals, October 2005



January 2007



October 2006




November 2005


June 2005



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5-1-05 SWALHC show Corsicana, TX






3-21-05  toasted by the sun




July 2004


5-31-04  Photo by Rob Hess


Nobleza D - Dam of our stallion Basilio TFA


Gabeņo - Sire of Basilio TFA




Basilio TFA (Gabeņo x Nobleza D) - Revised (ANCCE) PRE


DOB 4/21/04

15.3h - still growing.


Basilio - means "Noble" in Spanish.  (His dam's name Nobleza also means noble.) Leo won 1st place PRE yearling colt & 1st place IALHA Colts 2 & Under at the SWALHC 2005 show.  At  the 2005 IALHA National's he placed 3rd.    Leo has been color tested and is EeAa = can throw BLACK (also carries Chestnut).  He has a fantastic personality and great movement - elevation but also has a huge walk with a BIG over stride as well as a great canter (big "V" between the back legs).  He really uses his back well to give himself impulsion - ideal movement for dressage.  Leo is definitely very "typey" in looks and never went through that qawky, awkward stage as a weanling/yearling.  He was always proportionate.  Tons of Charisma and "Look at Me!" attitude.  He is son of the 5 time National Champion stallion Gabeno. Leo will be standing stud to Non-Andalusian mares for $900 and purebred mares for $1600 - to approved mares.  Multiple mare discount available.  Book before Dec 31 and receive a $100 discount.

About Basilio:

We leased Donna DeYoung's mare Nobleza D for the 2003 - 2004 breeding season and Nobleza lived on our farm for that year and a half while we bred her and then waited for Leo to be weaned.  We had paid for a stud fee for Gabeņo in Dec 2002 but had not used it yet so decided to transfer it and use it for Nobleza.  What an excellent choice it was.  We could not be happier with the result - Basilio TFA.  He is the first purebred PRE to come from the Tupper Farms breeding program and will be branded with our brand.   Basilio has always been ours from before he was born - I think it was fate.  I can't imagine ever wanting to sell him.

We thought Leo was pretty special when he was born.   He was sort of a "pretty boy" colt and I did not expect him to have such great bone like he does now.   As he gets older he just gets better.  Each time I take pictures I think WOW!  I thought he looked good before...

Leo was a flashy mover as a foal and he has straight, correct movement with a lot of impulsion.   Leo has that flashy "presence" that demands attention and is so hard to come by - he is definitely a show horse.  We hope Leo will follow in his sire's footsteps - 5x Nat'l Champ. Gabeņo.  Leo's dam Nobleza D was the 2000 PRE specialty class Reserve Champion Filly 2 & under.  Leo is currently in training (Aug 2007).

                                      ========                 ========                ==========                  ==========


2-8-08  Leo has been in training now for several months.  The other weekend I got a chance to go up and ride him.   I was impressed by how willing he was to try to please you.  His trainer said he was learning fast and he really looks forward to his work out every day.  Leo is very sensitive to leg pressure and you barely need the reins at all.  He has learned how to turn on his haunches and forehand, take off into a canter from a standstill, and is learning to spin.  He will make a fantastic doma vaquera or reining horse.  He definitely has the short coupled conformation to do the "high school" dressage maneuvers for piaffe and passage.  Just the other day Deb called me to tell me about this perfect capriole he had just performed for her seconds before when she let him out for a turn out.  She said it was very controlled and looked as though it was something he did every day.  He just leapt up and caprioled with his belly at least 10' off the ground she said.  He acted quite please with himself at the perfection of the move. 

7-10-07  Leo is currently in training up in Whitesboro, TX.    We're looking forward to seeing him under saddle. We took him to revision in June and he is now approved for breeding.  Since no one knew for sure when revision would be held we had all of the mares except Coliza bred by the time he was approved.  We did breed him to Coliza in July so we are excited about seeing Leo's first PRE foal next year.  Both parents carry black so there's a chance we may get a black foal. 

1-12-07 Leo's colt Decado is amazing.  He looks just like his Daddy.  We think he is the best Azteca so far.  The 3/4 Andalusian foal should be even more amazing since Alina has better movement than Summer does (Decado's mother).  We've been getting a lot of inquiries abut Leo standing stud - even though we are not advertising him.  He'll have a limited book for 2007.  The SWALHC show is hoping to host a revision and we plan to get Leo revised there in April.  We are currently looking for a trainer to send Leo so for at least 3 months this year.

8-16-06 Leo was 5.2h exactly (measured with a stick and level) when he was 20 months old (in January).  This summer Leo did not fade at all and is still a very dark black bay even though he has spent as much time in the sun as he wanted to.  Still a super sweet boy.  We are expecting 2 half-Andalusian foals by him in 2007.  Actually, one will be by Alina TFA who is 50% PRE and that will make this foal a 3/4 Andalusian.  Both babies will be for sale and are offered at amazing in-utero prices.

12-1-05 Leo is taking a break and is on a 2 1/2 acre pasture we leased from our neighbors.  We have one mare in with him to teach him manners around the girls.  We showed him in October at the IALHA National Show and we got 3rd place.  I'd hoped for a little better but Leo was a tad too fat and he did not do his best performance for the trot.  He also managed to grow and get a little butt high just before the show. Darn!  He was just perfect 2 weekends before as you can see in the first photo at Eddie's.  After our class we had the opportunity to speak with the Spanish judge and he was surprised to hear that Leo was just 18 months old.  He said that the horse's ages were not listed on the class list and he assumed he was grading all 2 year old colts.  Well, we will just have to know them dead next year!  I can not say enough about how happy I am with how Leo turned out.  One of the things that just absolutely amazes me is how much he has matured in just 6 months.  At the SWALHC Spring Fling in April - Leo was just 12 months old and he still looked like a baby - or at least a definite yearling.  Now if you look at the photos from Nationals - he could pass for 3 years old.  It is incredible!  I can not WAIT to breed him to Coliza.  I just loved it at the show - everyone kept getting Leo and Coliza mixed up - even Donna!  Not one single time did anyone see either one of them out of their stall and make the right guess.  Finally, I had to tell people to just look at their tail - that Leo has a buzzed tail and Coliza has a long one. You know their babies are going to just be cookie cutter examples of their parents.  It is going to be a really long wait until 2007 when their first foal will arrive.  If it is black - it will not be for sale.

9-11-05 Leo has been back with our trainer Eddie and WOW!  what a difference just 3 weeks makes.  Eddie has Leo in tip-top condition already.  I can not believe how much Leo has mature and grown up in such a short period of time.  He looks more like 2 1/2 yrs than 1 1/2 years.  We can not wait to take him to Nationals next month.  He certainly looks like a star and has that look at me charisma that makes you want to watch his every move.

7-9-05 Leo has been test for color and the results are in EeAa = he can throw BLACK (also carries Chestnut)!!   GREAT NEWS

6-22-05  Leo is currently 15 h at 12 months old and is growing every day and filling out with more and more bone.  The movement that we saw as a foal is also coming back and he gets flashier every day.  We are plannning to send Leo back with Eddie in July or August for more training.

5-4-05 Leo has been in training with Eddie Rodriguez (Ph.940-243-0000) for just a few weeks and he won the IALHA Colts 2 & under Qualifying class at the SWALHC show in Corsicana, TX so Leo is now qualified to go to Nationals.  I hadn't planned on taking Leo until he was 2 or 3 years old since the younger colts are at a disadvantage when shown in the same class as 2 year olds. At the show I decided to go ahead and enter him in the IALHA Qualifying class since Leo was looking so good! What a difference training has made! 

4-25-05  Leo started acting like a little stud colt at almost 12 months (in April).  The switch from young colt attitude to "stud" colt took just a few weeks and it was very distracting for Leo.  All he wanted to do was look for girls and started to ignore people if any other horses were around.  In just 2 weeks Eddie had Leo completely attuned to people and was ready to jump at Eddie's every command.  We had our Leo back with his wonderful gentle attitude and he was totally focused on pleasing us.  The change in Leo's attitude after only 2 weeks training with the "True Horsemanship" method that Eddie uses was AMAZING!  I highly recommend him for starting colts and Andalusian horses too.

4-21-04  I came home from work late on a Wednesday night not really expecting to find anything and when I pulled up at 11 pm there he was.  All wet and just born - not even standing yet.  He must have been born shortly after 10:30pm.  After a nice rest and some struggling around and a little splash in the water tank he was up and walking like a pro.



Proofs from our Memorial Day photo shoot with Rob Hess www.robhessphoto.com


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June 2008 4 yrs - 30 days dressage training

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June 2007 (3 yrs)

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January 2007 - almost 3 years old

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  www.tupperfarms.com/video/Leo7-3-05L.wmv   13 MB ( a bit sun bleached)  7-4-05

 http://tupperfarms.com/video/BasilioTFA_LG.wmv **  40 MB (Don't try to download unless you have DSL)     





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