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 6-18-03 on the day she foaled                                     6-18-03                             2 week old 2002 colt    


See Annie's 2003 colt Amante TFA


Annie is my favorite riding horse.  She is a very stout 15.3 hands tall and weighs over 1300 lbs.  She is 1/2 QH, 1/4 Paint, 1/4 TB and has 2 crosses to Cutter Bill. 


Annie is very powerful, has really good bone, and is very smart - which she passes on all these traits to her foals.  She is the type of horse that does exactly what you ask her to - no more - no little.  She is very reliable and predictable.  The one that I put inexperienced riders on. 


Annie throws very large foals (average 44-45 inches at birth) that are amazingly huge as you can see by the 2003 foal's 2 week old picture (above right).  She is an excellent mother that allows her foals to be independent but still keeps a careful eye on them in case they get into trouble.


Every year is is a hard decision to keep her as a broodmare since I love to ride her but she throws such nice foals!  She may get a year off from foaling in 2005.


Annie with her newborn foal Amante TFA.  Just hours after her was born.  He has grown to almost 17h at 3 years old.








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e-mail us    Ph. 817-271-5889 We are in Texas (2 hours ahead of CA)


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