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August 2006  - Looking good!!  See video of Long Rein clinic http://youtube.com/watch?v=xgdXlTGCy80



Sept 7 2004.  

Amante is 15.3 H at a little over 1 year old and 16.2H at 2 years old.  WOW!  That's impressive.



 Pictured at 3 1/2 months old (above).




2 months old                                            2003 National Show October 14-19


AMANTE  TFA - (Annie Cutter X Remate  1/2 Andalusian colt         DOB 6-13-03       

14.2H at 7 months old and should mature to at least  16.3H


Update 03-30-04:

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Amante was shipped to his new home in Pennsylvania 3-30-04.  We hope Chris Stull will enjoy Amante as much as we did.  We'll miss his sweet personality.


Here's some pictures from the day he left.  Amante had injured his leg 2 weeks ago so he is still bandaged up.  Adam was there to see Amante off too.  Earlier in the morning we hand walked Amante so he could play and stretch his legs before his trip to PA.  Click here to see the photo album.



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Photo Albums


Amante's photo albums are located HERE NEW

This guy was just HUGE when he was born.  He was all knees & elbows & legs so to speak.

(one day old - left) 

  (3 months old 9-21-03- above)       

Amante is bold, brave, curious, self assured, friendly, and is huge boned colt and we expect him to be well over 16 hands. Mother is 15.3 and sire is over 16 hands. Amante is 1/2 Andalusian. He is a stout, strong fellow even just after birth. I have never seen knees and hocks so big and developed on a foal before. All I can say is that he is just HUGE!

He is a friendly fellow and likes all the attention that he can get. he's rather be petted and scratched than eat his dinner.  He follows me all around and sneaks up behind me when I am doing something else. When I leave he nickers helplessly. A really people oriented horse. I have started his halter training already sine he is soo big. He is nearly a pro. Doing very well. He likes to follow me around anyway so he is just getting used to having a contraption on his head. He's been trailered several times already and is easy to load and unload.

WOW, this guy can move - just like his Nat'l Champion sire Remate. He is made for dressage and would also be well suited for hunting, jumping, showing, trail horse, eventing, anything you want this guy to do. He is very bold and outgoing, has a great shoulder and long, long strides, and appears to have quite a bit of his sire's movement. (Probably too big for barrel racing etc.) He has a very long neck like his sire Remate, his mother's big hip, and a definite personality already. This guy is going to be big and smart, a fast learner, and is going to need an experienced handler to train him. Not a first-horse type as he will be Very Very big. He is quite friendly but not the dead calm type, he has a little spunky side to him and is the type of horse that wants to learn.

Amante is an excellent competition prospect for an experienced horseman. He would not make a good mount for beginner since he will be so large and is very smart.  Special considerations may be made to the right show/competition home.



  •     Independent

  •     Bold

  •     Brave

  •     Self Assured

  •     Very Friendly

  •     Curious

  •     Will be a minimum of 16 hands - probably a strong 16.2h

  •     Great movement - flashy, straight, long strides

  •     Huge bone

  •     Long over strides

  •     Good canter

  •     Open shoulder


  •     Trailers and loads well

  •     Bathes

  •     Good about his feet being handled

  •     Was very easy to halter train -put the halter on and he followed right along. 

  •     Has been to National's in October.

  •     2nd in movement scores in the National Championship half Andalusian Colts 2 and Under class -against 2 (nearly full grown stallions)

  •     3rd place in conformation.    "            "


  •     Baroque build (long legs & neck, short back)

  •     Big powerful hip - able to do high level dressage

  •     Sire is triple National Champion - Remate

  •     Offered on Payment Plan.

  •     A lot of quality for the price.

  •     Placed 2nd in the pre-qualifying show at IALHA's 2003 Nationals

  •     Placed 2nd best movement in  - 2 and under 1/2 Andalusian colts at 2003 IALHA Nationals

  •     Placed 3rd in conformation - 2 and under 1/2 Andalusian colts at 2003 IALHA Nationals (Amante placed National Reserve Champion but they called us back to the arena and announced they had made a mistake and took our National Reserve Champion ribbon away.  Our scores placed us 3rd so we got a top 5 ribbon instead.)

Pricing  (see above)

Payments offered for 8 months with no interest.  Small boarding charge after weaning (for hay, grain, worming).  Until weaning - no charges.  Special considerations to the right competition home. 

If payments are made then you must carry a full mortality insurance policy for the full purchase price on Amante naming Tupper Farms as beneficiary.  This clause will be removed from the policy once Amante is paid in full and a Bill of Sale is presented to the insurance company.


Up to 300 miles delivered for free.  Call for other options or quotes on longer distances.  Transportation companies offer competitive rates depending on drop off shipping location.


Remate - Triple National Champion.  Amante TFA's sire.


e-mail us    Ph. 817-271-5889 We are in Texas (2 hours ahead of CA)


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