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 Alina TFA



4-18-09 A few weeks before foaling




Feb 2007 - just prior to foaling (photos take from video)  Alina has a fantastic trot.  Impulsion, extension, suspension.



April 2006 (Not the greatest pictures since it was muddy but these are the most current ones that I have.)



2003 National Show (October 2003)


With my son Adam      /       2003 National Show  (I'm 6'4" tall standing next to Alina)

Dallas Dressage Show Exhibition with SW Andalusian Horse Club - Alina was just weaned that week.  Very well behaved and lots of compliments on her.


Alina on 4-4-04   looking more every day like her sire                     Favorito D - Alina's Andalusian sire.

Alina TFA

Proofs from our Memorial Day photo shoot with Rob Hess www.robhessphoto.com


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Alina TFA (Favorito D x Kickapoo Summer) (50% PRE, 50% APHA)

Alina is our first foundation Azteca mare (Azteca D). She is by the pure Spanish stallion Favorito D Alina has natural collection, extension, and an unbelievable personality.  She is so gentle and sensible that I feel comfortable letting my 2 year old Adam walk freely around her to pet her.   Alina was originally for sale in-utero but the moment she stood up I knew she was too special to sell.  I had to keep her for myself.

4-18-09 Alina has been a great brood mare for us.  We were exceptionally pleased with our filly Fiara by her last year.  Fiara looked more like a purebred than some of the purebed horses.  She had wonderful movement and was very Spanish in every way.  We are considering sending her for training later this year for my little boy Adam to ride in the future.  I love Alina's movement.  She has a suspension and reach and passes that on to her babies. She is very baroque and short coupled and has many of the qualities of a 3/4 Andalusian even though she is just 1/2 Andalusian.  I am hoping that she will pass on her color one of these days.  My goal is to eventually have a 7/8 Andalusian with a lot of color.  This year I have found an amazing Lusitano Umbral 73 MB wmv video (Video is very large - scroll down to watch Youtbue version) that I want to breed her to.  I didn't think I would find a Lusitano that fit all of the characteristics that I wanted but he seems exceptionally Spanish in his characteristics and is amazingly athletic and graceful.  I think the foal next year will be spectacular and has the possibility to be any color because Umbral carries the Cr cream gene.  Actually, I think the one this year by Remate will be exceptional as well and am looking forward to seeing it soon.  That was a rare opportunity to breed a non-Andalusian to Remate and I know it will be an amazing baby.  Definitely one of a kind.

Spanish blood lines:  LevitonAgente 1959Maluso 1949,  Estepeno 1944.

QH/APHA lines:  Cutter Bill, Yellow Mount.


SHOW RECORD:  Alina placed 2nd in her pre-qualifying 1/2 Andalusian Fillies 2 and under class and was pinned 3rd in the Azteca class at the October 2003 IALHA National Show in Ft. Worth, TX. 

(October 21, 2003)




Emerita TFA (Alina TFA x Basilio TFA) 2997

Fiara TFA (Alina TFA x Heroe MAC)  2008

E---to-be-named--- TFA (Alina TFA x Remate II)  (due to foal May 9, 2009)


Late Feb 2007 - Even 11 months in-foal you can see her wonderful movement.  The nice rhythmic trot with  suspension even though she is about to foal.  Alina moves twice as nice when she does not have a full load in her belly.  You can see her calm temperament in the video as the neighbor's dog relentlessly barks and jumps at her and she ignores him.  Take a look at that HUGE over-stride - even with a big belly!

Video of Alina February 2007

just before foaling:


NEW Video  FEB 2007

Feb 2007.  LG for DSL  38 MB

Feb 2007 sm - dialup sized  4.5 MB



Alina TFA - 2007


Her 2008 Filly - FIARA TFA


Umbral (PSL stallion we are using in 2009.  CONTACT US if you are interested in breeding to him)











Favorito D

PRE Andalusian

 Granadino XI  Leviton Agente 1959  Maluso 1949
Maltesa II
 Usada 1956 Estepeno 1944
Helena 1944
 Granadina VIII* Adentro 1959* Juglar 1946
Sena 1954
Tomatera III* Luz
 Decorosa IV  Ebano    
Kickapoo Summer

APHA reg#

Stage Mount


Yellow Mount    
Dixie Cutter


Cutter Twist    
 Birdwell Dixie    


4-18-03 minutes old

minutes old

minutes old

hours old

30 minutes old

3 days old

hours old

just hours old

1 week old

giving kisses

I LOVE giving hugs!


2 weeks old

3 weeks old 5-8-03

3 weeks old 5-8-03

6 weeks old 6-1-03

2 months old

8-7-03 almost 4 months











Favorito D - Alina's sire.

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