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Alina TFA




5-18-10  2 days after foaling


May 18, 2010

April 2009

April 2009

April 2009

March 2008
with her foal Fiara TFA

April 2007

Aoril 2007

March 2008

Alina TFA (Kickapoo Summer x Favorito D) DOB: 4-18-03  15.2H

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Half-Andalusian Azteca D mare.  Alina has everything that you hope for in a part-bred Andalusian and more.  You could not ask for a better top-line.  She has all of the baroque curves and the upright neck and the movement of a Spanish horse.  The only tell-tale signs are the paint markings and the slightly shorter face that comes with the APHA bloodlines.  Alina looks more like a 3/4 Andalusian and she is producing 3/4 foals that look like purebred Andalusians.  She is an exceptional half-Andalusian mare. If I had the time and money I would show her more.  My friend's daughter is always asking to take her to the shows for me.

Alina is our first foundation Azteca mare (Azteca D). She is by the pure Spanish stallion Favorito D Alina has natural collection, extension, and an unbelievable personality.  She is so gentle and sensible that I felt 100% comfortable letting my 2 year old Adam walk freely around her to pet her.   Alina was originally for sale in-utero but the moment she stood up I knew she was too special to sell.  I had to keep her for myself.

4-18-09 Alina has been a great brood mare for us.  We were exceptionally pleased with our filly Fiara by her last year.  Fiara looked more like a purebred than some of the purebed horses.  She had wonderful movement and was very Spanish in every way.  We are considering sending her for training later this year for my little boy Adam to ride in the future.  I love Alina's movement.  She has a suspension and reach and passes that on to her babies. She is very baroque and short coupled and has many of the qualities of a 3/4 Andalusian even though she is just 1/2 Andalusian.  I am hoping that she will pass on her color one of these days.  My goal is to eventually have a 7/8 Andalusian with a lot of color. 

1-25-10 Alina was bred to Viviano III who is imported from Spain and has the Yeguada Ayala brand.  He is very Spanish and typey looking.  I think the foal will be an excellent dressage prospect and it was sold in-utero.  I can't wait to see it.


Spanish blood lines:  Leviton Agente 1959 Maluso 1949,  Estepeno 1944.

QH/APHA lines:  Cutter Bill, Yellow Mount.


SHOW RECORD:  Alina placed 2nd in her pre-qualifying 1/2 Andalusian Fillies 2 and under class and was pinned 3rd in the Azteca class at the October 2003 IALHA National Show in Ft. Worth, TX.

Offspring:  Fiara TFA,  Emerita TFA

Alina TFA - 2007


Her 2008 Filly - FIARA TFA