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Welcome to Tupper Farms!!


Manzanilla LXXXV - PRE Buckskin Filly was imported in April 2009.  We are very excited to have our own bayo PRE filly!  We can't wait until she is old enough to breed and see what wonderful babies she will produce.

Show Results

2008 SWALHC Fiesta Texas Show Results:

  • Reserve Champion PRE Mare (subCampeona de la Raza) - Celtica DD

  • 1st place Suckling/Weanling Fillies- Fascinada TFA


2007 SWALHC Fiesta Texas Show Results for Tupper Farms:

  • Reserve Champion PRE Mare (subCampeona de la Raza) - Celtica DD

  • 1st place Suckling/Weanling colts - Etico TFA Movement Medal Suckling/Weanling colts - Etico TFA Movement Medal (Seccion 1)

  • Yearling Fillies - Donosa TFA 2nd Place (Silver Medal)

  • 5 & 6 yr old PRE mares (Seccion 9) - Celtica DD



Donosa TFA

Heroico TFA
2010 1/2 Friesian x 1/2 Azteca foal.



Our Mission

Our focus is to produce a few high quality purebred Andalusians, American Aztecas, and Iberian horses each year. By limiting the number of foals each year we can devote the time necessary to handle each foal and give them the individual attention that they need. They are well socialized with humans and horses and are prepared for their new life with their new owners. Your baby will be halter trained, trailer trained, and very interested in people.

We will always have a variety of horses available for sale at all times. Our herd is diverse to produce a variety of foals for different disciples: dressage, halter showing, competition, and general riding - family horses. Each year we research and carefully select stallions that will compliment each mare with an end goal in mind for each foal.

We also import horses from Spain to offer for sale. After a lot of thought and careful planning - we decided to start importing stock from Spain for our breeding program. We made 2 trips to Spain in 2004 and in 2005 we imported our first horses. In July 2006 we made 2 trips to Spain (one to SICAB) and went again in 2007. We wanted to buy from farms that have been breeding for conformation, type and movement for generations and to bring in bloodlines that are unique to the United States.

One of our main focuses at Tupper Farms is to produce natural movement and for our stock to be able to reproduce themselves in their offspring. The mothers should produce babies that look like cookie cutter foals and that the fathers should do the same - both passing on their looks and movement. This comes from a strong breeding program - working with goals in mind and breeding for a certain look and type of movement - which the Spanish have been doing for generations. We wanted the kind of horses that you can tell who the breeder is - just by looking at them. From far off the horses should look distinctly different and identifiable as Pura Raza Espaqola. We also feel it is very important to bring in new bloodlines to the USA. Too often, you see the same pedigrees over and over again. (After a certain point - line breeding becomes in-breeding which produces undesirable results. Also, if you have the same thing as everyone else - what makes your horses different and special?) These are some of the things that made us want to start importing.

Black Andalusians are very popular in the US. Our favorite color is Black/Bay. We expect to produce black (negra), bay (castana), buckskin (bayo) and chestnut (alazan) since almost all of our horses carry all 3 colors. (EeAa). So often we hear - "Well, black is not my favorite color but it sells better". Since the gene pool for blacks is limited by statistics (approx 4% are black) - it is much easier to find high quality horses in other colors. When you limit yourself to only black horses your options are so much fewer and people won't sell their best stock under most circumstances. So, when you produce black from 2 excellent bay horses you start your breeding program at a more advanced level than you would if you got your black from mediocre black parents. If you have the option of buying black from 2 excellent black parents - you will pay the price financially - in $$ dollar signs.

Tupper Farms Imports quality Imported Andalusian horses from Spain to offer for sale. Please visit our import sales website PRE-Imports. Full service Andalusian Import Services. We're here to make importing simple and easy - worry free! Many BLACK Andalusians (PRE), chestnut PRE, alazan PRE, Buckskin PRE, Palomino PRE, Dun PRE, and other special colors such as Perlino and Smokey Blacks for sale. Please click on About Us to learn more.

Quotes From Some of Our Customers:

Almira TFA's new owner Nancy House. "I sure hope you don't get tired of all my thank you's. It seems like you are always doing something so sweet. The new pictures of Almira are so nice. ...I don't feel as though I am missing out on Almira growing, because you have been so sweet in sending me pictures. Thank you. You are going way beyond the call. ...You know I sit on the edge of my seat to hear about my girl. Julie, I am so proud that you gave me the opportunity to adopt Almira. I am so flattered that you think she is turning out so well. I am totally counting the days until I can bring her home. ... I want Almira to be a happy, probably a tad spoiled, girl. I never know what the future may hold, but I plan on Almira spending the rest of her life with me. I have only dreamed of having such a special one in my life. Again, I thank you.

Beliarosa TFA's New Owner Tammy Vaughter 11-30-05 Well it's 2pm and I have been outside, in the snow, playing with Bella since 7: 30 this morning. I have never had a cooler horse!!! She is so sweet and friendly and a little nosy too : ) She has to be right with me seeing what I'm doing and trying to distract me away from it. We had a real fast strong storm hit this morning. When I went out to check on everyone, Bella was shaking, so I got her into the Quonset right away, dried her off, and spent hours messing with her. I feel really lucky to have her Julie, Thank you. I will keep you updated on her and send pictures often. Thank you again, Tammy

Carissa TFA's new owner Mary Marshall in KY. 2-23-07 Carissa arrived!!! She's beautiful! Everything I knew she'd be. The trailer pulled up about an hour ago, and she was curious and cute, pawing to get off at her final stop! The guy, very nice, led her off the trailer and she was perfect. Not a whiney, snort, spook, or anything. She looked around and went right in the barn, into her stall (next to Zip), sniffed him through the bars, and immediately started to eat hay. I put her in the stall with the big window that looks out onto the field so she can see her new domain. I let her hang out for a few minutes, and went in to say hi. She was so friendly and sweet. Sniffed me from boot to head, we sniffed noses, and I immediately started to "groom" her wither and she dropped her head and started grooming my leg. LOL. Best buds. Like she'd known me forever. Beautiful girl and so mellow. She knows she is home. I am absolutely thrilled with her. She's so cool. Just fell in like she'd always been here. I couldn't be happier. Thanks Julie!!! Best, Mary We're so glad to make such wonderful matches for our horses and that their new owners are just delighted with them!

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2x Reserve Champion PRE Mare